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We are all aware that every trip has an impact on the environment. Of course, the idea is not to stop travelling,but rather try to minimize our ecological footprint and encourage responsible travel.

At Travel Coach Chile,we are convinced that a successful itinerary is an ecologically and socially responsible trip. Thus, we are committed to communicate in a transparent manner with our travelers,and we encourage awareness and remind our responsibility as global citizen. Discover our commitments to sustainable tourism!

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Envie de créer un voyage sur-mesure durable? Parlons-en ensemble !
The 3 pillars of our

Responsible commitment

Local economic and social development

Promoting and strengthening sustainable travel

Supporting responsible initiatives for our travellers

1 – Local, economic and social development

Icone croissance

 Nous nous engageons à ce que 75% du prix des prestations se réinjecte localement (en 2022)

Icone checklist

Nous nous engageons à respecter un prix équitable et rémunérer justement nos prestataires

Plante sur main

Nous nous engageons à soutenir une cause solidaire, financièrement et en donnant de notre temps

Our service providers are our keystone

We developped relationships based on trust with our partners and we chose them because we share the same values. We carefully select local providersfor the quality and authenticity of their services. We pay them fairly and equitably, and always ahead of the performance.

We always encourage visitors to favour alternatives to major tourist sites, which allows us to work with localcommunities, sometimes isolated. It is important to know that the government is training and subsidizing some of these areas, in order to prepare those communities to receive international tourists. By promoting these points of interest, and by working hand by hand with them, we participate in their economic and social development.

2 - Promoting and strengthening sustainable travel

 Nous nous engageons à  atteindre une empreinte carbonne neutre d’ici à 2023.


Créer et mettre en valeurs une gamme des voyages alternatifs et responsables Découvrir nos itinéraires

Nous nous engageons à être une agence 100% zéro déchet, et encourager la diversité. Mieux nous connaitre

A zero-waste agency

We want to help our travelers to balance their impact by promoting sustainable travel. Sustainable tourism is about reducing impact on the environment by traveling more slowly and by adopting goodpractices! WithinTravelCoachChile ,we are moving towards zero waste behaviour and we do everything to reduce our footprint on the planet, in our daily lives as much as in theagency!

Slow Travel adopters

In addition, we are actively developing a range of trips basedonly on public transportation, inorder to limit the local carbon footprint and avoid internal flights. We also offer immersive stays with the Aymara, Likan Antai or Mapuchecommunities. We are slow travel enthusiasts, and enjoy organising holidays with a reduced pace,focused on a region, and with short journeys. Have you ever thought about sailing between patagonian fjords on a cargo ferry? Or why not drive on the patagonian roads in a van? For usSlow Travelmeans taking time to take the time.

3- Responsible initiatives for our travellers

Icone Cactus

Respect the places you visit and do not leave any residue behind you. Zero waste target!

Learn and respect local culture and practices

Reduce waste and bring your bottle and , your reusable straw

Forget the traditional sunscreen and switch environment-friendly protective powder

Ampoule lumineuse

Bring your solidshampoo and yoursoap! !

Globe planete

Buy local helpsmall local businesses and artisans

Code of ethics

Like many travel enthusiasts, we are concerned about the human impact on biodiversity and would like to better protect the environment. We believe that it is essential to behave responsibly during your trips at the end of the world, just like when travelling close to your home. To do this, we develop a Code of Ethics, which aims to inform, and encourage good practices. We also offer our customers to calculate the carbon footprint of their on-site travel, and suggest alternatives to reduce it.

Interested in our sustainable travel?

Take a look at the itineraries below, those are easily adaptable to reduce environmental footprint!
Travel Coach Chile > Our agency > Sustainable tourism: our commitments