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Are you seeking a local travel agency based in Chile or Argentina to create a tailor-made trip for your next vacation? Do you hope to find a trustworthy local tour operator that listens to your needs and possesses wide expertise? Whether you’re going on a honeymoon, looking for a private tour of Chile, or planning a family road trip, TravelCoachChile is the best travel agency in Chile for organizing customized travel… everything is a la carte!

Our job, our passion

Our local travel agency and its English-speaking team offer personalized trips in Chile, Argentina, and Bolivia. Locally based in Santiago de Chile for the past few years, we have traveled all over Chile ourselves in order to find the best locations and the most hidden gems. We have gained field experience and therefore are able to provide relevant travel advice. We are committed to helping travellers discover the wild, unspoiled beauty of this region of South America.

We have the opportunity to live our passions. We are specialists in the art of designing tailored-made tours in Chile. Our trips are 100% personalized according to the travel expectations and desires of our clients. We guarantee a perfect stay, filled with authentic and unique experiences. We ensure that the itinerary respects your own pace and budget!

For us, the journey begins from the moment the thought enters your mind. Planning is an essential step in the realization of your dreams. We understand that you want to make the most of your tailor-made tour in Chile, Patagonia, or Easter Island!

Your perfect trip in 6 steps

with TravelCoachChile

Beginning with an initial call

We receive your request and contact you by phone to understand the expectations of your trip to Chile. You will also have the opportunity to ask all your questions about the destination!

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Building your itinerary

Together, we prepare an itinerary that aligns with your needs, pace, and budget. We are flexible on absolutely every element of our tours.

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Confirming the itinerary

That’s it! The trip of your dreams is ready… All that’s left is to make a down payment, and then your travel agent can start booking the hotels and activities you choose.

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Preparing for departure

When paying the balance, we send you our Traveler’s Guide, which will be very useful in getting ready for your trip. All you have to do now is pack (based on our best tips)!

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Setting off on the adventure

We provide you with all your travel documents 10 days before your departure and make a pre-departure call. When you arrive in Santiago, we finally meet!

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Keeping in touch regularly

We (almost) travel with you. For the duration of your trip, we are available by phone to answer all your questions, or receive stunning photos from your journey!

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An agency proud of its values!

As a tour operator and local travel agency, our job stems from our passion for travel and for the destination, and we are thrilled to share that passion with others. We are faithfult to our mission and our values, which we live by on a daily basis: proximity, authenticity, flexibility, and curiosity.

We foster warm relationships built on trust with our customers and partners, and, of course, within our own team. We are committed to creating positive relationships filled with happiness and joie de vivre.

We offer travelers the chance to discover authentic Chile, providing alternatives to mass tourism destinations, where culture and traditions are sometimes erased in favor of attracting international crowds.

We are flexible with our tours, not only since they are fully customizable, but also because we offer a clear and transparent view of our prices. This allows our clients to learn the price of each service and to choose where they prefer to allocate their budget.

We encourage curiosity by suggesting unforgettable and unusual experiences for our travelers, so that they can create lasting memories of this trip and step out of their comfort zones.

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Our philosophy is linked to our commitment to sustainability and responsible travel. That is why we contribute to the economic and social development of local communities and remote areas. By choosing a local travel agency in Chile, you make a responsible and reliable choice.

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