Chile travel highlights

You plan to travel to Chile and you are wondering what are the must see travel destinations ? So you came across the perfect web site. In this section, we present a map of Chile containing all travel locations that deserve a visit in the country. Indeed, with 4.000 miles of coastline Chile has an extraordinary landscapesdiversity. From North to South,Chile is a country of contrasts: desert and the Highlands (Altiplano), immense coastline, lakes and volcanoes, not to mention the plains of Patagonia and theiconic Andean mountain range. In short, it is paradise to all nature lovers.

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What are the highlights of Chile? Where to travel?

We have divided the map of Chile into 12 feature destinations. By clicking on these, you will discover information to better understand the the country: we present the top travel destinations as well as certain spots outside of mass tourism. We also included examples of local travel experiences to build an authentic trip to Chile.

Best tours in Chile

And if you prefer read our trip ideas,we recommend checking our suggested itineraries in Chile. We are specialist of tailored made travel, but we wanted you to be able to set your expectation and build an idea of your trip. That’s why we included our top itineraries in Chile,filled with unique travel experiences… Reading those trip ideas is like traveling to Chile remotely, and gives a first taste of the country !

Tailored made travel in Chile

If you have made your choice, based on the tourist destinations presented on our map of Chile,please make an appointment with our travel experts so that we can start arranging your trip. After a first call we will design a tailor-made trip in line with your expectations and interests, your budget,and your favorite destinations. Do not spend more time reading travel blogs and travel forums, let us take care of the organization of your trip. We are based in Chile and we are true travel experts. Our passion is to share all the secrets of Chile with our travelers.

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