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hiking araucania conguillio chili travelcoachchile

Visit Conguillío Park, the most beautiful in Araucania

Today we want to tell you about Conguillío Park, a true symbol of the Araucania region, yet often neglected in favor of Pucón and its surroundings. For those who want to wander away from the classic routes, and who are willing to rent a car, then this park is for you! Let’s take the road...
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The ideal itinerary to explore Easter Island in 5 days

As you know, at TravelCoachChile, we are always eager to share our ideas for itineraries for a dream stay in Chile. This time, we head to the Pacific Ocean to discover our perfect itinerary to visit Easter Island in 5 days. Easter Island is the most isolated territory in the world, located in the middle...
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Sollipulli view of the glacier Araucania volcano travelcoachchile

The hidden glacier of Araucania: Sollipulli

The unique, hidden glacier of Araucania Did you think the glaciers were only found in Patagonia? Do you want to discover one without having to travel the almost 2000 miles that separate Santiago from the end of the world? In that case, head straight for the jewel of Araucania. Make your way to the small...
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valparaiso postal card

Make the most of your trip to Valparaíso

Here you will find a brief guide to the unmissable spots of Valparaiso, filled with rare gems and local secrets, so you don't miss out on any of the best of the Pearl of the Pacific!
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mirador pan de azucar

Everything you need to know before you visit the unique Pan de Azúcar Park

Pan De Azúcar: a hidden gem off the beaten path When winter in the southern hemisphere is settling over Chile and some regions are covered with rain and snow, we are given the perfect opportunity to turn towards the north of the country and discover new horizons. And because the north of Chile is much...
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Landscapes Patagonia torres del paine chili

Our tips for an unforgettable getaway in Patagonia

Do you want to escape the heat of the capital for a long weekend with family or friends? Do you dream of discovering Patagonia but don’t have much time? If you answered “yes,” this article is for you! We offer all the tips, plans, and important practical information so you don’t miss any corners of...
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Travelcoach team valpo cooking class

Quick and easy: 4 Chilean recipes to whip up at home

At Travel Coach Chile, we (obviously) love to travel and discover new flavors! Because we are self-proclaimed foodies, and because you are too, it’s time to show off your culinary skills. This week, let’s cook the most emblematic Chilean recipes together ! The variety of landscapes, climates, and cultures offered by Chile is endless. This...
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Garcia film No history chili

Our favorite Chilean films

When you’re done sorting through your photos to participate in our TravelCoachChile Photography Grand Prix, head to the sofa! We invite you on a trip to Chile through the big screen, a dive into its tumultuous history with excellent cinematic offerings. Get comfortable and explore our selection of Chilean films! Mujer Fantástica (2017): a poignant...
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facing the desert of surire in the altiplano chili

Travel Stories: Chile’s Far North

As we are still not yet able to explore new destinations as freely as before, we hope your inner traveler will be inspired by this blog post in the meantime, which we have put together thanks to our old photos. Going back through our 2019 albums, we immersed ourselves in a destination far from mass...
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