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Are you in the middle of organizing your trip to Chile and have been scouring the web to find the perfect travel agency to organize your dream vacation?

If this sounds like you, thanks to Google you have probably been bombarded by agencies offering tours for all types of travelers: from small groups to tailor-made holidays, from high-end to budget-friendly, from active to relaxing. You may be feeling overwhelmed by the quantity of major tour operators.

But have you thought about organizing your trip with a local travel agency located IN Chile? What if the trip of your dreams could be organized live and tailor-made by an on-site agent? That way, you will benefit from incomparable expertise, on-site assistance, as well as more affordable prices. All while ensuring that 100% of your travel budget is injected into the local economy. Tempting, isn’t it?

Without further ado, let’s discover the 5 top reasons why you should choose a local travel agency to organize your trip to Chile.

1. Expertise on Chile

This is one of the most important reasons. The country is more than 2,500 miles long and contains an incredible diversity of extraordinary landscapes. One may have traveled here once or twice and visited the most important sites. But 2 or 3 weeks of vacation does not make an expert.

By choosing a local travel agency in Chile, you trust an English- and French-speaking team that has been living in Chile for years. We have not only visited the most famous points of Chile, but more importantly we have traveled the entire country, including the most remote, secretive places typically neglected by international tourists. We are therefore an agency specializing in Chile.

By living on site, we also have an excellent knowledge of our service providers. In fact, we regularly make field visits to discover the hotels with our own eyes and to discuss conditions with our guides and partners. We are constantly meeting new service providers, each more passionate than the previous.

To visit a specific place (take, for example, the famous Moon Valley in the Atacama Desert), we sometimes partner with 4 to 5 different providers who can each help you discover this place in a distinct way, according to their specificity and expertise. Continuing with our example of the Moon Valley, we offer tours of it through a 4-hour hike, a classic visit in car, on horseback, by bike, and even by sandboard. As we customize our trips down to the last detail, we can therefore offer you a visit 100% aligned with your expectations and needs.

Finally, our expertise does not stop at tourism. We are also immersed in local news, and can give you a reliable opinion on the political or pandemic situation, for example. We follow the evolution of national events as closely as possible and are able to adjust the trip if necessary based on real sources from the field.

2. Relationship with the local travel agent

We are convinced that the journey begins from the first conversation you have with your travel agent. This gives you a taste of what’s to come and fuels your travel daydreams. They will inform you on topics like jet lag, climate, cultural features, gastronomic habits, etc. For a local travel agent living in Chile, it is always a pleasure to share one’s daily life with travelers.

At TravelCoachChile, our team is not made up of “salespeople” but of itinerary creators.

Our priority, when we integrate new travel creators into our team, is to always transmit our values, which are authenticity, curiosity, flexibility and proximity. As well as our field expertise, of course.

We want every traveler to forge a special bond with their travel agent. This is the most crucial stage, because the more you relay your expectations with our team, the better we can identify your needs to create the holiday of your dreams.

Each trip is completely unique and personalized. This allows us to modify the smallest detail so that the stay reflects your desires perfectly.

For example, maybe you are celebrating a birthday or anniversary during the trip, or you want to mark an important event. Or, if you have to pay special attention to someone in your group who would have a little more trouble with physical exertion or with altitude sickness.

We leave nothing to chance so that each traveler benefits to the fullest. When we have welcomed families comprised of multiple generations, we have organized two different experiences, so that the young, adventurous family members can trek across a glacier with their crampons and ice axe, while the grandparents enjoy a cruise to the glaciers, more adapted to their pace.

Pascal H. and his wife
Pascal H. and his wifeTravel Atacama, Patagonia, Easter Island
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Back from our trip to Chile, we would like to recognize the beautiful work of TravelCoachChile, who we had chosen to organize our stay. The conversations with Florence before our trip made it possible to specify our wishes and our abilities (we are a retired couple) as well as the kind of accommodation we were looking for, all within our budget. The proposed itinerary, the information we received, the hotels that were booked, and the transfers and vehicle rentals perfectly matched our expectations. We enjoyed beautiful holidays that took us from the deep south to the north of the country, passing through Easter Island and Valparaiso. The trip was perfectly successful thanks to the skills of Florence and her team at TravelCoachChile. Thanks so much!
Jean Michel and Isabelle
Jean Michel and IsabelleSelf-driven tour through Patagonia
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We traveled with TravelCoachChile to Valparaiso and Patagonia. We could only congratulate ourselves on our choice: our vacation was worth a hundred trips thanks to your valuable tips and tricks. Everything went according to plan down to the smallest detail, without improvisation and with great attentiveness and professionalism. We look forward to returning to explore the Atacama and Easter Island. Thank you and see you very soon!
Marie Antoinette and Thierry
Marie Antoinette and ThierryTrip to the Elqui Valley
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TravelCoachChile extended our stay from one week to two in the Elqui Valley and in the La Serena region in February 2020. The trip included flying from Santiago, driving, hotels and some activities. The preparation of the trip was facilitated by the speedy interactions with Florence, and her understanding of our wishes translated into the proposed program. The information provided included complete documentation on the area to easily organize additional excursions. Florence also provided impeccable proactive follow-up throughout the trip. The astronomical observation activity that could not take place due to the cloudy sky was reimbursed to us quickly. The service providers were high-quality and reliable. We recommend without hesitation!

3. On-site support during the trip

The fact that local agencies are based on site allows them to react quickly in the event of a glitch. Because even if we do our best, there are sometimes elements that escape our control: a tour canceled because of bad weather, a plane delay, a burst pipe in your hotel room. Unforeseen events can happen, and that’s totally normal.

However, they should not spoil the trip. That’s why, at TravelCoachChile, we’ve established shifts within our team, so there’s always 24/7 phone support. We do our best to resolve your situation as quickly as possible. Inevitably, we will always be faster than the customer service departments of large travel agencies based in Paris, New York, or the rest of the world. We are here for you.

In addition, thanks to our excellent relationships with our partners, we always have someone who can lend a hand if necessary and assist you in the situation, whatever it may be. By contracting a local travel agency in Chile, you benefit from our entire network of service providers.

hiking in the altiplano in a bofedal in the far north in chile

4. The affordable price of the trip to Chile

Choosing a local agency also means removing an intermediary, and therefore saving money. Your payment arrives directly to an agency based on site, and that agency will take care of the payments to the various service providers such as guides, transport, and accommodations.

There’s no intermediary between you and the local agency, no connection fees, and in addition, there is a clear and detailed vision regarding your travel budget.

At TravelCoachChile, we have a policy of price transparency. What does that mean?

We send you your detailed itinerary accompanied by an Excel spreadsheet that details the price of each service. So you have a transparent view of the prices of each hotel, car rental, guide, domestic flight, etc. right in front of you, line by line. This allows you to maintain control of the price and helps you make decisions that can reduce the budget. You decide what you want to prioritize and where you want your money to go.

5. The positive impact on the Chilean local economy

The recent Coronavirus crisis has shown us that general tour operators no longer have a bright future ahead of them. Today, travelers prefer to promote authenticity and local discovery that makes a positive impact on the country visited.

By choosing TravelCoachChile, you can be sure that the money spent on your trip to Chile stays in Chile. There is truly no expense or payment that leaves the country. We choose from numerous locally owned institutions.

In addition, we always prefer to work with family-owned or small businesses, which reinvest their profits in the local economy. This type of provider does not have massive expenses in marketing or in the latest technologies and does not have to pay franchise fees. We opt for partners who prefer things simple yet tastefully done. Because we always favor authenticity over flashy gimmicks.

In addition, we want to keep the price fair, both for our travelers and for our service providers. That is why, within our agency, we do not negotiate prices. It is our expectation that the service providers determine the value of their services fairly, and of course we always pay them on time, before the service is performed. This allows us to maintain our passionate partners and contribute to the economic development of the tourism sector.

Finally, we also work with local communities, whether with native peoples such as the Mapuche and Aymara, or with isolated and developing areas. By trusting them, we help them develop local tourism and diversify their source of income.

We’ve just checked out the reasons why opting for a local travel agency in Chile is a great idea. Don’t hesitate to share your testimonial with us if you have already used a local travel agency. What did you think?

And of course, if you like the idea of a trip to Chile or Argentina, you now know that you’ll always have a travel agent to rely on to create a trip tailored to your needs. If you are ready to take the plunge, contact us without further delay!

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