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Are you planning to travel to Chile and looking for a travel agency to organize the perfect itinerary full of unique experiences? Request a quote and share your travel plans with our Chile travel experts! We are a local travel agency based in Santiago de Chile, specializing in tailor-made trips.

This trip is your chance to experience one-of-a-kind accommodations and discover an authentic lifestyle, all while keeping your environmental footprint in mind. Design unforgettable experiences with travel experts in Chile. We customize all our tours so that they perfectly fit your expectations, interests, budget, and dates of travel.

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Our agency was founded on our passion for creating travel experiences. We always stay true to our values: proximity, authenticity, flexibility, and curiosity. By choosing TravelCoachChile, you are guaranteed a 100% customized itinerary that will transform your stay in Chile into an authentic and special experience.

We differentiate ourselves from our competitors by seeking alternatives to crowded places and mass tourism and by offering itineraries off the beaten track. Our mission is also reflected in the activities we provide; we offer a wide range of unique travel experiences to make your trip unforgettable.

In addition, we provide you with a clear and transparent view of your budget, detailing the price of each service.

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What we do not offer: cheap, standardized services. What we do offer: long-term relationships with our partners built on trust. We pay the right price, i.e. the one determined by our providers. We always prioritize local partners, carefully selected for the qualityand authenticityof their services.

We opt as much as possible for providers who work as a family and avoid large groups and intermediaries.

By choosing a local agency and preferring locations away from mass tourism, you will generate additional income for remote communities. These regions are also supported by the government, which offers them training on tourism, and we are proud to participate in this initiative.

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Being based in Chile means we ourselves have travelled the country from end to end in search of the best locations and hidden gems. Our partners’ services are tested firsthand and continuously updated.

By choosing TravelCoachChile, you ensure the creation of a trip aligned with your travel needs and interests, while maintaining total peace of mind in the process. Our travellers’ reviews are clear: we possess extensive expertise and provide excellent service. See for yourself what our clients are saying about us on our Facebook page and on Google!

Design your trip today with one of our travel experts and receive the best travel advice in Chile. Start exploring the top destination in South America!

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Tailor-made travel

No two itineraries are alike! Each traveller is different, which makes every trip unique. Experiences, hotels, guides, interests, pace… we prepare personalized trips and adjust them until we find the perfect fit!

A relationship based on trust

Through active communication, we are able to pinpoint the exact expectations of our travellers. Therefore, we build a trusting relationship, and your travel agent becomes your advisor, available to answer all your questions and anticipate your needs.

Authentic experiences

We believe a vacation is a unique opportunity to create unforgettable memories, and for this reason we encourage you to be open to authentic experiences and leave your comfort zone. Not only does this allow you to discover the local lifestyle, but it is also an opportunity to meet locals.

Travel with total peace of mind

Our presence is our guarantee of a worry-free trip. To get to know each other in person, we usually schedule a meeting during your stay in Santiago. In addition, we are available by phone during the entire trip to resolve any unforeseen hiccups and stay in touch.

Featured destinations

Is Chile your dream destination? It very well should be! The longest country in the world, bordered by more than 6,200 miles of coastline, and sharing its borders with Bolivia, Peru, and Argentina, Chile has something special to offer every traveller! Now, how do you choose between the glaciers of Patagonia, the Atacama desert, and the Moaïs of Easter Island? To help you, we’ve created travel guides for each region of Chile, where you’ll find detailed descriptions of places of interest, activities, the best time of year to visit, and more.

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Unique experiences

Whether you’re a backpacker, family of adventurers, or foodie traveller, we’ll give you the best tips to discover authentic Chile and travel off the beaten path. Let’s enjoy local experiences, extraordinary outdoor adventures, as well as unusual cultural and culinary discoveries! If you are interested in these experiences, feel free to add them to your custom quote.

navigation glacier patagonie torres del paine grey faire photo

Sailing among the glaciers in Patagonia

Carretera Austral

bivouac desert nuit feu de camp

Camping in the desert and stargazing


Sandboarding dans la vallée de la mort, en haut d une dune descendre sur le sable en surf board ski

Sandboarding on the dunes


surf chili matanzas combinaison neoprene surfeurs

Catching the best waves at sunset


cours cuisine valparaiso expérience typique chili tour du marché

Traditional cooking class


pingouins manchot magellan isla magdalena

Sailing to watch Magellanic penguins


randonnée équestre balade cheval patagonie torres del paine laguna sofia

Overnight stay at an Estancia


voie lactee observation etoiles ciel atacama

Stargazing with the most stunning sky

Elqui Valley

Travelers' reviews
  • We visited Patagonia from April 1 to 8. Florence had explained everything to us before thanks to a phone call to review our itinerary… So we made this extraordinary journey without any difficulties. Punta Arenas -Puerto Natales -Park Torres Del Paine -El Calafate.. She was able to identify our expectations and sent us a message during our stay to make sure everything was going well !!! Really professional, very kind. We highly recommend Travel Coach Chile.
    Thank you very much Florence

    Francoise and Xavier, FR
    Autotour en couple sur les routes de la Patagonie
    Patagonie chilienne torres del paine massif montagneux chili
  • We went to visit our expatriate son; we also visited Chile thanks to Travel Coach Chile. Florence concocted an 18-day tailor-made trip between sea and mountain. Discovering the great outdoors, unusual places where we were almost alone in the world, including time to rest and laze at the beach. Florence was a good advisor in preparing and listening constantly throughout the trip. Bookings and activites were perfectly followed, and her recommendations for restaurants were perfect. Recommended without hesitation.

    Sophie, Olivier and Gaetan
    Retrouvailles familiales dans l'Altiplano
    Geysers El tatio Atacama
  • We traveled with Travel Coach Chile to Valparaiso and Patagonia. We congratulate ourselves our choice. Indeed with a hundred trips of experience, they have all the tips and tricks to make your trip perfect. Everything went according to plan, in every detail, without improvisation and with a lot of seriousness and professionalism. We look forward to returning to explore Atacama and Easter Island.
    Thank you and see you very soon.

    Jean-Michel and Isabelle - FR
    L´essentiel de la Patagonie
    Torres del Paine lago pehoe patagonie chili lac turquoise hosteria pehoe
  • Thanks to Florence from the agency Travel Coach Chile for the organization of our trip to Chile. We were 3 retired couples and visited: Santiago, Valparaiso, Atacama and Patagonia. Custom private travel. Very good advice and flawless bookings of hotels and excursions.
    Don’t hesitate to contact her for your trip.

    Jean-Michel and 5 friends - FR
    Le meilleur du Chili, entre couples amis
    Valparaiso tag street art
  • It was the first time we went on vacation with a travel agency. In addition to the appealing budget compared to the program, we liked not having to take care of anything, and especially not the journeys between airport and hotel or those kinds of logistical details! The fact that we did not have to look up on the internet and investigate the tours or visits, thanks to Myriam and Travel Coach Chile, added a lot to the ‘wow’ effect we had on each excursion! Surprises guaranteed! Chile is a sublime country, with crazy landscapes, the feeling of being very small and alone sometimes, surrounded by incredible nature where one feels ‘free’. The contrast between north and south offers a unique variety of landscapes!

    Le Chili en amoureux, entre Atacama et Patagonie
    laguna miscanti lagune bleue desert d atacama chili
  • Thank you for your professionalism, which we greatly appreciated.
    We will not hesitate to recommend you. We enjoyed Myriam’s visit to San Pedro de Atacama. She really took the task seriously. At the time of the first contact, we appreciated the immediate personalization of the support. Our best memory? Without hesitation the Salar de Surire, which was a unique moment. The beauty of the landscapes, the magical atmosphere that connects us with nature. We all felt strong emotions there. Our impression? We particularly enjoyed the scenery and nature. It is a country for lovers of the great outdoors, who want to keep away from mass tourism.

    Odile and his family - FR
    Découverte des paysages à couper le souffle de l'Altiplano
    randonnee pedestre dans l'altiplano dans un bofedal à l'extrême nord au chili
  • We were more than satisfied with Travelcoachchile’s services. The whole program went as planned, and if not, given the follow-up during the trip (via WhatsApp), I think Florence would always have found a solution. The best part of TravelCoachChile is clearly their knowledge regarding the personalization of the trip according to the wishes of the travellers. In addition, the entire process for organizing the trip (calls, feedback on the proposed program) allows them to accurately capture the expectations of travelers, whether in terms of accommodation or activities. We also enjoyed all the good deals given (restaurants, activities to do during the free time). For us, Valparaiso and San Pedro de Atacama in 9 days was perfect!

    I think that unanimously the most special moment of this trip was to find ourselves alone in the pool of geysers del tatio. Not only is the place amazing, but when you experience it by yourself, it’s a big plus!

    Alizée, her mom and her friends
    Séjour découvertes du Nord, entre culture, détente et aventures
    escalier coloré valparaiso chili
  • We went to visit our expatriate son; we also visited Chile thanks to Travel Coach Chile. Florence concocted an 18-day tailor-made trip between sea and mountain. Discovering the great outdoors, unusual places where we were almost alone in the world, including time to rest and laze at the beach. Florence was a good advisor in preparing and listening constantly throughout the trip. Bookings and activites were perfectly followed, and her recommendations for restaurants were perfect. Recommended without hesitation.

    Sophie, Olivier and Gaetan
    Retrouvailles familiales dans l'Altiplano et Uyuni
    Geysers El tatio Atacama
  • A big thanks to you for this trip to Chile, which delighted us. You have really been a valuable help, and have totally captured the spirit of our trip with friends. Our one regret is not seeing the Atacama, but thanks to you we avoided a difficult situation and discovered another superb region. We appreciate your responsiveness. Your choice of accommodations was varied, they were all well located, and each had a different charm. In short, we loved it!

    Serge, Dominique, Didier and Joelle - EN
    Le Chili du Nord au Sud en passant par l'île de Pâques, 3 semaines dans un pays de contrastes
    moais carriere ile de paques rano raraku

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